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Creating balance between natural and man made.

Manmade and nature

Let's get straight to the point.
Let's get straight to the point and talk about products that really work and how you spend your hard earned money on products that dont work as they say they should. Ninkus haircare products really work. Talking about clumped curls that beam with strength and vitality.  Totally no crunchiness (buildable with a very light cast and soft to the touch), no greasiness or flaking. Your hair might let people think you have weave or wig rather it is your actual hair looking spectacularly good.  Try this brand to believe the effortless styling on 4c, 3c, wavy, straight and relaxed hair can benefit from Ninkus products as well. When you want your hair to really look better than ever before. When you want to out shine in ways you never have before. Choose Ninkus to get that right for you. To look good and feel good you need products like Ninkus that get you to that standard. Feel good products that let's you shine like you are supposed to. Effortlessly you will bring out the best of you and this always feels good. With 100% natural ingredients, totally cruelty free and purely plant based. Ninkus is great for wellbeing and a luxury product to use. Ninkus really works and your hair will thank you for it.   
A brand experience that combines the luxury and wellbeing in products. Feels great on application and in performance too. Time to feel better with Ninkus haircare products. Free samples are available by subscribing  to Ninkus YouTube channel (link is on this web page), watch at least 35mins of  videos  to know more about Ninkus brand and then sign up via the website at and a free sample will be posted to you free of charge. That way you can observe for yourself how luxurious these products really are and how brilliantly they perform when it comes to effortless styling. 
Please note that anti competitiveness affects all of us.  If there are any questions you would like to know about Ninkus please email and all your questions will be answered.  Rumours are not facts let's create better for all peoples. Thank you . Ninkus YouTube channel:

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Ninkus Curl Cream Ninkus is the Curl definer you have been waiting for. This superb product defines …

Why Choose Ninkus?
Ninkus products work and that is a fact.  This is a brand for you if you like clumped curls that moves,  is bouncy with effortless and minimum styling requirements.  Just Apply Ninkus Curl cream and you have a true wash and go.  Get clumped curls without any crunch, greasiness or flaking.  Just soft bouncy hair that glows.  For all hair types 4c hair to 3c, wavy and straight can use Ninkus haircare products to achieve better styles..

After an experience with lack of options when it came to effortless styling of 4c hair. Ninkus was an idea to solve a problem. Then the idea turned into a business because many people observed and gave compliments for well defined curls that Ninkus Curl cream created. It was curls that obviously were clumped and soft and bouncy (looks like weave but not weave). One product and clumped curls for a real wash and go.  No need for several products to achieve effortless styling.  Ninkus is a small sole trader business that is now gaining more and more awarenes.  Hopefully you can join and be a part of this journey to creating better experiences.   Ms. Olayinka Olatomiwa Akinyemi, Ninkus owner

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