Ninkus blog - Ninkus 3ml samples

Ninkus blog - Ninkus 3ml samples

16th Feb 2021

Ninkus is a brand that works towards creating better experiences for many different types of people and this takes some consideration and effort.   This is a responsibility that many people are taking very seriously in more recent years.  Thinking about the costs of living on earth and who pays these costs creates problems that people want to make fairer now and in the future to come.  

What consideration make a difference?

There are many ways that people are now making the effort to make better decisions about the type of lifestyles that they choose to live.  From the way people shop, recycle, sustainability of certain things people consume, transportation and emissions, animal welfare and wildlife in general, people, wellbeing and the overall health of the planet.  Small changes made by everyone make a huge difference in the ways the world starts to get better.

What effort does Ninkus make towards these changes for the future?

Ninkus takes these considerations very seriously and that is why all of Ninkus packaging are 100% recyclable and the pump is reusable.  Ninkus does not use any animal by products or animal derived ingredients in any of Ninkus products.   Ninkus products are 100% plant based and very safe for people to use and for the planet as well.  The styling products are totally natural and no other ingredients are adding as fillers or similar or hidden in anyway.  Just the ingredients that are listed on the packaging only.  These are purely natural oils made for styling hair effectively with some plant fats.  Ninkus Hope's to have a brick and mortar store on a high street somewhere hopefully very soon.  Where people can get refills for their reusable bottles.   Hopefully this will be an exciting announcement in the near future.  

How can you get the free Ninkus 3ml samples posted free of charge? 

These products are a luxury to use and has plenty of slip for effortless styling.  The Ninkus shampoo is a cleanser that gives that squeaky clean and if you dont get that squeaky sound as though you are rubbing your hand on glass then that is not effective enough.  This is a product that is required for Ninkus products to work effectively.   Ninkus Curl Cream is very thick in consistency and the liquidy version is not a Ninkus product.  A video showing you the difference in the products will be shown very soon.  samples are now 3ml and to get a free sample posted to you free of charge you have to subscribe at Ninkus YouTube channel, watch at least three videos fully as this will show if you did watch them fully or not.  Then sign up at Then a free Ninkus 3ml samples will be posted to you free of charge.   A Ninkus YouTube channel link will be on this blog post.

This is a great way to support brands like Ninkus that are making efforts towards creating better experiences for different types of people that value such things.

Products that really work

Ninkus products really work to create show stopping Curl with effortless styling.   Clumped curls that may be achieved with five products can now be achieved with just one product.   Ninkus products were created to work very well together.  That is when you purchase a set of Ninkus products because they are most sold in sets except for the 250ml that are sold individually.  They are really great value for money.  Because Ninkus Curl Cream is very thick in consistency a little goes a long way.  If you choose to purchase just the Curl cream this would last for quite some time but purchasing the set of Ninkus products is highly recommended.

Look forward to better experiences for now and the future.  Take good care of yourselves.

Until another blog post.