Ninkus blog - Happy Valentine's day.

Ninkus blog - Happy Valentine's day.

Ninkus on 9th Feb 2021

Happy Valentine's day 

Its almost Valentine's day and since this is a blog post day this is the best time to discuss valentine's day.  In recent years real love has been put on the back burner and other things have been brought to the forefront.  This was a day that was very much celebrated by almost every one.  Now it seems people are not really as bothered as they used to be.  Many of these special days throughout the year were really a chance to take time out to really think about what it means to care about someone special to you.  Seems this is still there but only just about.  Especially because these are very tough times and many people are having to find ways to cope through these very tough times. These were ways that people got to be pampered and pampered their loved ones. It's a type of healing that should really soothe the soul.  Its time out to celebrate something that you believe is special and worthwhile.  Otherwise people may just forget the important things in life.  

What do you think of celebrating Valentine's day?

What do you think of celebrating valentine's day?  Have you always celebrated valentine's day? If you no longer celebrate Valentine's day do you think there is a time when you may celebrate Valentine's day again.   

I believe Valentine's day is very important and should be celebrated every time it is possible to celebrate Valentine's day. There are romantic aspects and non romantic aspects of valentine's day.  But mostly it is about romance.  There are different things being celebrated in place of Valentine's day such as Galentines day.  I suppose it's what you subscribe to that you will maintain.  

What about Galentines day and similar?

Galentines day is for women that want to celebrate their female hood and feel that this is worthwhile.  For many different reasons but either way the day is being celebrated.   Those who celebrate the traditional valentine's day and those that have their own version of the day being celebrated.   Either way it is a day to reflect and mention those that mean alot to you.  

How will you celebrate Valentine's day or your version of valentine's day?

For some this is a nice day out and various activities throughout the day and many romantic types will have a more romantic evening. The usual cuddly, lovey dovey type of celebration, which traditionally was always supposed to be.  But it's now something that people celebrate in their own way.

This is a great opportunity to really pamper yourself and enjoy your day to the fullest.   Hope you take good care of yourself and take the time out to celebrate this wonderful day.

Until another blog post